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Mike Cain is the Owner of Cain Roofing and Mike Cain Lawn Care, specializing in roofing and lawn care, he is also a licensed distributor for Capital Steel (a USA metal company), which him and his team erects metal buildings for their clients. Prior to starting Cain Corporation, LLC, he worked in claims and leadership for companies including Amazon, Grainger, Shutterfly and Ambit Energy. Known for always managing big key management roles, Mike was the liaison between Corporate and top earning consultants during his tenure at Ambit Energy.

Mike’s greatest strengths are his discipline, top-notch customer service and quality work ethic. He thrives on organization, particularly when it comes to developing strategic plans and building the right teams for faster growth in companies. His most recent display of leadership was using his self-taught skills in guerilla marketing to grow his new business to over one hundred customers in one quarter. Meeting with every customer face to face, networking with HOAs and being supported by the Bixby Chamber of Commerce, resulted in consistent revenue and his ability to hire additional team members for his lawn care and roofing business within two months.

Being able to grow teams, build brands and advance within the company at a rapid pace, is something Mike has always had a knack for. When he first graduated from college, he went straight into claims as a desk adjuster for the insurance industry. He was quickly promoted to the catastrophe team that was responsible for Hurricane Katrina and Rita storm tragedies. He has been recognized as a dynamic leader capable of motivating and leading others in a multitude of functional areas.

Even though Mike is the face of Cain Corporation, he loves being out in the field with his team members to ensure his customers are well taken care of. He understands the power of community and his past involvement in Habitat for Humanity, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, HOA Boards and being PTA President of his children's school, is a perfect display of his dedication as a role model.

Mike is a trailblazer who wants to secure more commercial accounts and acquire bids for government contracts. His dream of becoming the top roofing and lawn care company in the Tulsa area will not be fulfilled until he is mowed and roofed the entire town. His motto is, “If I can manage million-dollar portfolios, I can manage my own million-dollar corporation.”

Mike holds a bachelor’s degree in Finance from University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. He lives in Bixby, Oklahoma with his wife, their three boys and baby girl. In his free time, Mike enjoys attending sports events with his boys, being an umpire for high schoolers and college students, and traveling.